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Choosing a University to Defend a Dissertation

In the vast majority of cases, to write a PhD thesis, a person will need to enroll in graduate school. But of course, you can write it as an applicant, without studying anywhere, on your own. And, if a university ends, then admission to graduate school is a mandatory step, in any case, a graduate student needs a supervisor, and a material and technical base will also be required.

Usually, they go to the place where they wrote their term papers and theses, to that department in the same laboratory on the basis of which they did it. Accordingly, after a person has entered, training lasts differently depending on the direction, there are 4 years, and in some areas even 5 years. That is, 3 years are allocated for training and one for defense, writing just the dissertation itself. There is also 3 years of study and 2 years of writing, but this period is possible in special areas.

When studying, a graduate student receives a scholarship of up to 8,000 USD, and works part-time where he studies, for example, in a laboratory. In combination, he receives little money, plus grants, if any, that is, these are funds from the American Science Foundation, the American Foundation for Basic Research.

Postgraduate students have certain classes, according to their results they need to pass tests, exams, but at the same time work and engage in some kind of scientific activity, and it will be good if the laboratory is engaged in the same direction as the activities of the graduate student. For implementation, it is necessary to create a plan and strictly follow it, and at the beginning of each academic year it will be necessary to report to the academic council, or the council of the department.

It is important to start writing a dissertation from the very beginning of training, as there may not be enough time. Work for a PhD usually takes 100-150 sheets, and attend conferences at least a couple a year, and the higher the status, the better. After writing his paper for several years, the graduate student begins preparation for the defense.

Collection of feedback

After passing the meeting, the graduate student must come to the opponents, who must write reviews for him, and five reviews must be sent to the abstract from those organizations where the letters of the meeting were sent, or they need to be ordered. They can be acquaintances or any leaders, and they will be able to write the necessary reviews. In addition, a writing sample must be provided. In general, the amount of paper work is huge, and everyone who is going to defend themselves will need to prepare for all the upcoming difficulties.

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