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Sacre Coeur Pediatrics Guinea - Hope Ignited
Hope Ignited - Guinea

Join with us to tell a new story of


to the children of Guinea 

Guinea is home to 13 million beautiful people, half of which are under the age of 15 years.  The need for robust and high quality pediatric healthcare is paramount, and yet, there are fewer than 20 pediatricians and NO dedicated pediatric centers in the entire country.

In response to this need, Hope Ignited is building Sacre Coeur Pediatric Center of Excellence - the first pediatric health center in Guinea.  The center will provide high quality, compassionate pediatric care and train local medical personnel to do the same.

Join with us to bring HOPE and HEALING to the children of Guinea!

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Meet Ibrahima, a 6 year old boy who our doctors met in one of the public hospitals.  He had been in the hospital for 3 weeks following a leg injury that became infected.  Because his leg was casted, the infection went unnoticed and spread throughout his body, including around his heart.  He was in desperate need of urgent treatment.

Our Inspiration

Our doctors worked tirelessly to find him the right treatment, and after Hope Ignited's first successful cardiac procedure, antibiotics, and malnutrition therapy, he found healing and HOPE for his future.


There are 100's of children with stories just like Ibrahima's, and we will strive to provide them all with a chance to thrive through our work at Sacre Coeur Pediatric Center of Excellence.

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