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Hope Ignited


Anxiety, fear, terror and fatalism paralyze the world, but HOPE ignites a passion to press on towards a better future.  We are a movement of people who refuse to let the darkness of the world have the last word.  Join with us to bring HOPE and HEALING to the world’s forgotten poor while empowering local leaders to transform their communities. 

Hope Ignited Healthcare


With this initiative, Hope Ignited's goal is to open the first Pediatric Center of Excellence in Conakry, Guinea.  Our center will be a place where children can find compassionate, holistic care and local physicians can find pediatric specific training to enhance their ability to care for children in their communities.

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At Hope Ignited, we are dedicated to the stewardship and cultivation of God's creation.  Our agricultural projects are holistic in nature as we seek to teach sustainable practices as well as teach families, through our nutritional center, how they can use locally sourced foods to increase their own well-being and the well-being of their children.



Vocation is the place where one's gifts and passions meets the deepest needs of one's community.  At Hope Ignited, we are partnering with local churches, universities, other NGOs and global corporations to bring life changing skills to men and women who want nothing more than to utilize their gifts and align their passions to meet the needs of their community.


He can now ride bikes with his friends, go to school, and can grow up to support himself and his family.

 - Mamadou's Mom

"Humankind can live four weeks without food, four days without water, and four minutes without air, but they cannot live four seconds without hope."

Together, we can spread Hope

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